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Antenatal care
For midwifery care and advice throughout your pregnancy including blood pressure check, urinalysis, fundal height and fetal presentation and listening to the baby's heart.
Antenatal appointments are done in the privacy of your own home to make it more flexible and personable to you.  These appointments usually last around 30 minutes.
Postnatal Home Visits 
For breastfeeding support, weigh baby, cord care, jaundice check for baby. baby bath demo, safe sleeping etc.  Postnatal check ups for mum.  Emotional reassurance and support in your own home.  Postnatal home visits usually last around one hour.

Baby Massage 3 Week Course
Baby massage classes tend to run on a monthly basis, depending on numbers.  These classes are held at Stageright in Sai Kung.  Whatsapp Vicki 5500 8982 for more information.
Or arrange a private class with a group of friends in the comfort of your own home.

Antenatal Classes 2 Week Course
Group classes held at Ensemble.
Private bookings also taken for private antenatal classes in your home.

Unwell Baby and Infant CPR

Sessions for helpers, carers, mums and dads.

Baby Cafe

Friday 10.00 - 12.00noon
Drop in postnatal peer support group, tea, coffee, biscuits, other newly delivered mums and a midwife.
Hosted at Stageright (first floor above Stationary Shop in Sai Kung Square)  Ring the bell and come up to the first floor.

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